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Mr. Sidewalk of Houston is the leader in trip hazard removal, sunken or uneven sidewalks and walkways. Mr. Sidewalk is your one stop shop for all your concrete sidewalk raising and lowering repair needs. With our full range of services we can help you stretch your budget, make your sidewalks HOA compliant, level your sidewalk and eliminate trip and fall hazards. So if you have a sunken or uneven section of sidewalk or a sidewalk section raised by a tree root, call Mr. Sidewalk of Houston today for fast and professional service. 

Mr. Sidewalk of Houston offers you the following services:

Sidewalk Concrete Raising and Sidewalk Leveling
. We can level or raise sunken concrete sidewalks and walkways using our patent pending Sidewalk Jack. Using our process, we are able to level or raise sunken sidewalk slabs safely and provide our clients with a finished product far superior to our competitors. Our customers tell us they prefer our process over our competitors since you can not tell the sunken or raised slab(s) has been touched. Since our process does not require drilling holes into the slab, there are no large holes to patch and no damage to the concrete. All leveling and raising repairs are backed with our unconditional one year warranty. Call on Mr. Sidewalk for all your concrete raising and leveling needs.​

Manual Sidewalk Lowering (Tree Root Removal).  Lowering a sidewalk section is commonly requested because of a tree root that lifts one corner of the sidewalk section causing a trip hazard. Due to the intensive labor involved this process it is not the most cost effective solution but can be much more aesthetically pleasing than concrete raising or ramping.  The tree root removal process should only be used as a last option, removing a tree(s) roots can be harmful to the tree. Mr. Sidewalk always encourages property owners to consultant with a Certified Arborist prior to scheduling service. Mr. Sidewalk is not responsible for damage to any tree as a result of removing tree roots. First the sidewalk section has to be safely lifted and set to the side then the tree root(s) can removed. The sidewalk slab is lifted and lowered back into place and leveled using our sidewalk leveling process. Mr. Sidewalk is the only company in the Houston area that offers this service.

Expansion Joint Replacement. An expansion joint is the material placed in the joints between concrete slabs to protect the slabs from cracking when they contract and expand as the temperature changes. This material acts as a shock absorber, absorbing the stress from the slab's movement. After a while, the expansion joint can dry out and won't absorb the stress as well as it once did. When this occurs, it's time to replace the expansion joints. Mr. Sidewalk of Houston uses industry leading material that bonds with the concrete on a molecular level and also provides the necessary flex required to absorb impact and movement between slabs.

Small Slab Pours. At Mr. Sidewalk of Houston no job is too small. We do small slab pours, such as generator pads, air conditioning pads, handicap ramps and much more. If you have that special project that requires a small concrete slab, contact Mr. Sidewalk of Houston today for a free estimate.  

​Mr. Sidewalk of Houston is a member of  Angie's List, the Houston Better Business Bureau, Service Magic and the Sugar Land Network.  Trip hazard removal is our top priority, now let’s make it yours.                                              

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